Make happy

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People are given equally 24 hours a day. It’s impartiality. Usually, 8 hours to sleep to rest the body, 8 hours to private, and 8 hours to work. People support the remaining 16 hours by serving 8 hours for people in society. It is shaped to support 2/3 with 1/3. Since it’s not well balanced in quantity, it is made to recover qualitatively. Conversely, it is also possible to exceed the quantity by quality. Therefore, we need to contribute to society by being good at being able to take quality…read more

Alfons mucha’s women

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Last weekend, I went to the Fukuoka Asian Art museum to Mucha exhibition. The Pictures he draws is very beautiful and very delicately. I felt Mucha is a genius, And I was jealaous of him. I try not to respect the living person. Because I’ll not be able to exceed the person I respected. I respect him and love his art.