New employee welcoming party

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We had a welcoming party for a new employee yesterday. I think that company parties are important. Because we have party after be friendly. I hope to make us good friends, and to work well together.

Coming soon Sakura night-pary

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This weekend, We are going to hold a Sakura night-party! People coming is over 240 now! The night-party is the 6th one this year, and it becomes a bigger party year by year. The first one was held by about 30 people. I am surprised that it became a big party. Maybe I think that everyone love Sakura more in Japan.

A new employee

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Our company got a new employee yesterday. I think that she become a good designer. She is future designer. We welcomed her and then the members went to a yakiniku restaurant for lunch. I hope that we become a good family, and that she is going to do a good job with us.


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Yesterday, Waratte-Iitomo had its final episode. Waratte-Iitomo was a lunch time TV show,very famous in Japan. It holds the Guinness World Record as the longest televised program. However it came its end today. So I strongly felt that the start was the beginning of the end.