Last weekend rain

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Last weekend, When the morning often had a shower, We had to hold a Hanami night-party. Because I gave an order for BBQ to dealer. Its order can’t have cancellation. Actuality, We can have cancellation. But We had to pay a 300,000 Yen when we have cancellation. However the weather report said to become clear to PM 6:00. I believed to the weather report and I decided to hold the night-party. Finally, The sky got clear at 6:00 PM. We held the night-party safely. I gave a sigh with relief…read more

New employee welcoming party

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We had a welcoming party for a new employee yesterday. I think that company parties are important. Because we have party after be friendly. I hope to make us good friends, and to work well together.

Coming soon Sakura night-pary

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This weekend, We are going to hold a Sakura night-party! People coming is over 240 now! The night-party is the 6th one this year, and it becomes a bigger party year by year. The first one was held by about 30 people. I am surprised that it became a big party. Maybe I think that everyone love Sakura more in Japan.

A new employee

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Our company got a new employee yesterday. I think that she become a good designer. She is future designer. We welcomed her and then the members went to a yakiniku restaurant for lunch. I hope that we become a good family, and that she is going to do a good job with us.


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Yesterday, Waratte-Iitomo had its final episode. Waratte-Iitomo was a lunch time TV show,very famous in Japan. It holds the Guinness World Record as the longest televised program. However it came its end today. So I strongly felt that the start was the beginning of the end.


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I have taught design at Digital Hollywood in Fukuoka. Yesterday, I coached the planning of a final project. The Students either had good plan or so-so plan. They are going to need to finish the project by 2 month. I hope to coach them well, I hope they will make something good.

BINGOBONGO 13th Anniversary part

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I went to the “BINGOBONGO 13th Anniversary party” at mills last night. The party was heat up! Especially “Scha Dara parr” were so coooool! They were singing “Boogei back”. I especially love this song. I’m glad that I could go to the party!

Falling Sakura

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Today is rainy day in Fukuoka. Sakura is already in full bloom. Sakura is falling because of the rain. I feel bad because we are going to hold a flower night-party next Saturday.


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Sakura(cherry blossoms) are full bloom in Fukuoka. I’m so glad! All of Japanese people are excited by this season. We are going to hold flower night-party on Saturday next week. I hope that the Sakura don’t fall on that night.

munu coffee

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I held my company inner meeting at the munu coffee again. It was a management meeting with personal interview. The manu coffee is good feeling cafe, So I like going there.