Interesting style Tsukemen

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I ate a Tsukemen at the Ikkousha on lunch. The Ikkousha serve a Tsukemen by interesting style. The Tsukemen get cold soup slowly when it eat. Soup get cold is taste no good . The problem solve to have IH-heater by one on one at the Ikkousha. So we get hot soup until I finish the Tsukemen. If not careful, take scald. Take care!


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Sakura(cherry blossoms) are full bloom in Fukuoka. I’m so glad! All of Japanese people are excited by this season. We are going to hold flower night-party on Saturday next week. I hope that the Sakura don’t fall on that night.

With Zatune

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I went to the IKEA with Zatune in morning to buy new furnitures to FCBC. FCBC is short name for “Fukuoka Creative Business Center”. They needed new furnitures so we went to buy some from IKEA. Eventually we didn’t buy any. Because we couldn’t decide what we wanted. We have to think about what we plan to buy.

munu coffee

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I held my company inner meeting at the munu coffee again. It was a management meeting with personal interview. The manu coffee is good feeling cafe, So I like going there.

Morning meeting

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We had a meeting in the manu-coffee early this morning. We were talking about a new business plan. I’m joining as a designer in this project. However, Designers often need to do business consultations. Design is said that is method by a solution for the problem. So, Designers often have to look deep when the problem isn’t in the surface.

No ramen, No life

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I really love ramen. Ramen is my soul food. But it’s health bad when eat more. I’ve been understanding it. It’s heavy problem myself. I had little regret, So I ate a sanma-teishoku. Actually, I wanted to eat a ramen today too.

Monkey living mountain

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Today was fine day, so that we went to small trip at Mt.Takasaki in Beppu. Mt.Takasaki is monkeys living mountain. There were a lot of monkeys when we got to the mountain. We could watch by near places. The monkeys was so funny and had a natural social. We was so fun! I had good holiday and felt refreshed!

Smog in the sky

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I’m coming in Beppu Ohita. The sky of Ohita is come to fly smog. I think about the smog lead to PM 2.5. The cause is difficult problem. I hope to look to clean sky in the future.

Fine day

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Today is fine day! So I want to go small trip somewhere!

English school

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I’ve been studying in English school since Oct. 2013. Its school is friendly. I feel to like it. I want to work in out of japan in future, So have been studying English. But my English isn’t good yet. So I have to study more. I believe I can do it!